About GridStone Marketing

Inspired by technical innovations, product breakthroughs and impactful ideas, we work smart for our clients, going above and beyond to deliver results.

We are your marketing team partners in building your business.


Lynette Lefsrud
Maria Meijer
Technical Director
Moira Mireault
Account Manager
Eva Wan
Lead Creative Designer
Emily Mireault
Marketing Assistant/Office Manager
Harm Deckers
Intellectual Property
Chuck Bean
Business and Sales Strategy

Our Core Values

Core Values WEB

1. We lead by example through quality work and accountability.
2. We embrace challenges and find solutions.
3. We foster mutual respect while supporting our clients and each other.
4. We value strong communication and engagement.
5. We guide and assist clients to meet their goals.
6. We recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our clients and each other (and on March 14 we celebrate Pi Day with a little party!)
7. We practice continuous improvement and participate in lifelong learning.