Marketing Lessons from a Kid in a Sloth Costume

Marketing Lessons from a Kid in a Sloth Costume

October 31st, 2016
By Lynette Lefsrud
Halloween preparations started early October for us this year. My son came to me, bugging me to buy him a sloth costume, and he made it easy. The website was pulled up, the costume size selected, delivery speed set, and all I had to do was enter in our address and credit card information.

The day the costume was to arrive, my son sat at the front door for a good hour, patiently waiting for this precious package to arrive. His joy upon arrival can only be described as exultant and no doubt it made the delivery man’s day.

The sloth costume was slept in that night and the next morning my son came down dressed for school… in his sloth costume. It was Oct 14. He assured me it didn’t break the school dress code.

Off to school he went and of course the questions came, “Why are you wearing a sloth costume?” from every direction.

My son’s response, “Why aren’t YOU wearing a sloth costume?”

Considering his bravado, I really marvel at what happened next.

Before we knew it, my son had rounded up two friends who also convinced their parents to buy sloth costumes and a wannabe who didn’t quite make the sale.

So tonight, you may well see the “Sloth Gang plus One” out trick or treating in your neighborhood.

The power of what my son did is no different than what each of us are doing daily in our own marketing or sales pitches. We choose something to pursue and then pursue it with focus, planning, patience and lastly – panache.

But that last one, panache. How many of us stand up to the questions and hold true to our vision? Do we stand tall when our boss questions us? Do we bow to pressures from clients? Do we waiver when colleagues aren’t truly on board?

So I urge you to be confident in your ideas – hold true. And if anyone asks you what you’re up to, you already know your answer.

“Why aren’t YOU wearing a sloth costume?”