Testimonials from Our Clients

We pride ourselves on providing true value, technical know-how, great service and Rock Solid work for our clients.

“From start to finish, the GridStone team took our vision and produced a top quality animation, video and online ad that perfectly communicated our product offering. It was great having a pro like Maria on the team; she really “gets it” and we couldn’t be happier with how seamless the process was. Hands down the best technical marketing firm out there!”
Marketing Specialist, STEP Energy Services
“Since partnering with GridStone we have never felt like a small consulting company. You’re not just hiring a marketing firm with GridStone, the team is packed with individuals who are diverse in knowledge, forthcoming with B2B networking opportunities and genuinely care about making your company goals a reality.”
Founder & Principal Consultant, Voyage West
“We engaged GridStone to develop a new logo for our company. They were responsive throughout the process, with excellent communication, quickly accommodating change requests and delivering a final product on time and on budget that we were very happy with. I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future.”
Executive Assistant, C-health
“With a challenging business environment, coupled with a new revolutionary testing system, Aphorist needed to understand four marketing needs. First what would it take to be a disrupter, second what is the size of both the available and peripheral markets, third what would be the best marketing strategy and lastly what changes would be required inside the company to bring it all together. Lynette and her team delivered a comprehensive and detailed report that confirmed our suspicions and brought new light and new ideas for future development.”
COO, Aphorist Inc.
“In spring 2015, it was determined that an invention that we had created could be a game changer and would require a broad and detailed patent. I immediately turned to Gridstone Marketing and I couldn’t have worked with a better team than Maria Meijer and Harm Deckers. From the moment they took on the project through to our final filing, they were insightful, informative, professional and never lacking in attention to detail. It couldn’t have been a better experience.”
CEO, Calgary-based start up
“Introducing an innovative product to the current economy can be seen as taking a blind leap of faith. With the professional guidance of GridStone, our product has found the right launch pad in the ‘technical marketing’ space. The process has gone from a leap to a well-planned journey thanks to the GridStone team.”
Marketing & HR Specialist, LiteBuilt Cellular Concrete
“Working with GridStone has been fantastic. Maria and her team completely understand our business and bring a combination of deep technical knowledge and creativity. They have helped increase the credibility and name recognition for our company during one of the worst downturns in the energy industry and bring unique insight to our content marketing approach. GridStone is a great partner and we look forward to working with them in the future.”
Director, Oil and gas service company
“GridStone is an amazing team to work with. We are a growing business that needs efficient and pointed efforts to push brand awareness and reach our customers with a constant stream of new technology and ideas. We want to change mindsets in our industry, and we need support. GridStone has been a seamless part of this process with expertise, execution and honesty. They work with our budgets, our deadlines and our excitable team of passionate people. They keep a very technically-minded company aware and on track with the right marketing initiatives. And they do it very well.”
Director of Business Development, OSP
“FCRL is a global technical service provider with a relatively small marketing budget and a limited knowledge of marketing in general. GridStone understands the challenges that technical companies face in explaining their products and services, and explains the technical marketing process in a way that makes sense. Their focus on learning and understanding our business shows in the marketing products they develop and allows for a more efficient process. Their ongoing support helps keep us on track when marketing falls down the list of priorities for our dynamic company.”
Well Construction Specialist, FCRL
“Working with GridStone Marketing has been an awesome experience. They are very professional, thorough, responsive and creative. It was a pleasure to work with the team on our new website project. They developed an enticing finished product that more than upheld our expectations.”
CEO, Weil Group